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SunDrive Solar Golf Cart Roof

Our solar golf cart roof can fit any golf cart and takes only minutes to install.


Solar Golf Cart Roof

Extend your battery life by up to 50%

Our SunDrive solar golf cart roof will extend the battery life by giving the batteries a continuous charge. Active charging reduces the build-up of lead sulphate crystals on the lead plates in lead acid batteries, which is the number one cause of battery failure. If a normal set of batteries lasts 4-5 years, the solar roof panel should extend the golf cart's battery life by an additional two years or more.

Solar Golf Cart Roof

Extend your driving range by 30%

Get in two rounds of golf and some whizzing around the resort without having to worry about range and running out of juice. The SunDrive charges your batteries as you go. You get approximately 2km’s of additional range per hour in full sunlight.

Solar Golf Cart Roof

Save electricity and money

While your cart is in the sun, it is recharging your batteries. An average round can take between 0.8kWh and 1.6kWh of energy from the battery bank. In full sunlight, the SunDrive can replace 0.25kWh of energy per hour. Depending where in South Africa you are and what course you’re playing, that means you could fully recharge your battery whilst playing a round and having a drink at the half way house, meaning you may never have to put your batteries on electricity charge again!

Go green

In South Africa, 1kWh hour of energy equates to 1kg of carbon dioxide emissions produced. Your SunDrive roof, if utilised regularly, can reduce CO2 emissions by over 200kg’s per year. Your new SunDrive roof gives you instant “green cred”.

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