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No nearby electricity source?
Install a solar powered gate motor

Our custom designed solar powered gate motor will ensure reliable operation in areas where grid power is not available.

Already have a gate motor? Click here for our panel only kit.


This powerful DACE Sprint model has been specially adapted for solar panel use. The upgraded battery ensures power for days on end during rainy overcast periods and the powerful 30W panel ensures the battery is recharged in record time when the sun is shining.

The system comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet and the panel is available with either an adjustable wall-mount or pole-mount bracket. Simply mount the panel in a sunny area, connect to the motor and you have a solution in mere minutes. No problematic cables to run and bury. No fiddling with distant electricity sources and risk of shock!

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2 Remote controls & 4 Metres of track included in price

Buy a Solar Powered Gate Motor

R 5,490 incl VAT


* Free shipping to most major centres and towns in South Africa. Offer excludes delivery outside of South Africa.


○ 4 meters of track
○ 2 remote controls
○ 5 meters of solar DC cable
○ Powerful 40W solar panel
○ Solar panel bracket
○ Handy installation booklet

Easy to install

Just follow the simple instructions provided in the included booklet. The gate motor can also be operated via mains supply using the included power supply.

Installed gate motor example: