Residential Solutions

There are three reasons to consider installing solar electricity at home:

  1. Cut your electricity bill and head off future price increases.
  2. Secure your electricity supply in the event of grid outages.
  3. Meaningfully cut your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener world.

What is your reason? Often it is some combination of these three reasons and it is important that you have a strong grasp of what it is you are specifically wanting to achieve.

It‘s easier than you might think to get up and running with solar electricity for your home. The first step is to figure out how much electricity you use so you can install a solution that is correctly sized for your situation.

Next, have a look around your property and decide where the solar panels could go. Most residential solutions need between 10 and 30 panels. Ideally your roof or panel area should be free from shadows and as close to North facing as possible.

The pitch of your roof can also affect the amount of electricity produced.

Financing available

Greenfin Financial Services finance all sustainable energy solutions for the home owner up to R 250,000. With Greenfin you can obtain immediate pre-approval, receive a formal quote within 1 hour and obtain the loan within 48 hours.

Free Estimate

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