Because most businesses operate during office hours, their electricity usage is highest while the sun shines. Businesses of this kind can take advantage of this fact and maximise return without needing huge battery banks to store solar produced energy.

A correctly sized solar array can produce very high return on investment, and because the returns are savings rather than income, there are no tax implications! In fact, there are further tax breaks available to make your return even higher.

So contact us today to discuss how you can achieve an excellent return on your money, lock in your energy costs and add to your environmental credentials in a single project.

At IET we consider solar power as a financial investment. This means that it needs to deliver investment returns just like any other investment. And like any investment, when installing solar at your commercial premises you need to consider:

  • The capital outlay
  • The investment yield
  • The ongoing security of that yield
  • The payback period
  • The Net Present Value (NPV) of the investment
  • Depreciation from a tax perspective
  • Any ancillary benefits
  • Funding options

IET Solar can provide your business with a customised proposal addressing all these investment considerations. We can even tailor the proposal to the specific requirements of your Board or Investment Committee including examples of how other businesses have made successful investments in solar power.

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