solar pool saver

Is your pool pump costing you a fortune?

Save up to 100% on your pool motor running costs with our Solar Pool Saver

Complete kit now R 15,990.00 including delivery*

That sparkling blue pool comes at a price. It's not unusual for home owners to pay R500 per month or more in order to run their filter long enough to maintain that sparkling water.

Tired of constantly shelling out? Why not just use the sun?
Get rid of your monthly running costs by installing our Solar Pool Saver solution. Our system produces electricity directly from the sun and feeds it straight into your existing pool pump, hence relegating your municipal electricity supply to the role of backup provider only.

Further Benefits

  • Virtually Maintenance free - once installed, no additional input is required
  • Ultra long lifespan - the solar panels have a 25 year production warranty!
  • No wasted production - If your pool pump is off, the Solar Pool Saver will divert the solar electricity to other household circuits
  • System can be expanded over time to include other household circuits
  • Inverter is IP65 rated and can be installed outdoors

How it Works

The diagram below shows how the Solar Pool Saver system works. The system captures sunlight through the use of solar panels which convert that sunlight into DC electricial current. Our inverter controller is designed to maximise the power produced from the panels and convert it into AC power that the pool pump can use. We feed this power to the pool breaker or circuit board, which in turn runs your pool pump!


So what do you need to successfully install the Solar Pool Saver?

All you need is about 8 square metres of North facing roof space (or possibly open ground area) where the panels will be mounted, and a suitable place to install the inverter.

The system is available as a DIY kit or we can install it for you. If you're going the DIY route, you will need to have a qualified electrician connect the system to the distribution board.The kit comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet & unlimited telephonic support.

Equipment Supplied

Each Solar Pool Saver consists of:

  • 1 x 1,1kW Grid Tie inverter with built-in MPPT
  • 3 x 325Wp Canadian Solar Tier 1 Modules
  • 1 x Aluminium Roof Mounting Kit
  • 1 x Electrical Component Kit

*Terms & conditions apply and are included in the formal quote.

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